Friday, February 10, 2012

NEW Kia Project Released!

Hi All!

Over the Holiday I had help from a few Great guys from the OptimaForums. There have been alot of details that needed working out, but I think it's all good to go!
There are videos and photos that need to be sorted out, so I will just list the basics that are known, and I will make adjustments when needed.
One note, about the finish, it is high temp Black enamel. There may have been a note posted that it is powdercoated. Not a biggie, but I didn't want anyone to think I am claiming a powdercoated finish.

Kia Optima Connection Sizes: PCV Tank 3/8" IC Tank 1/2"

Kia Optima Brackets:
2011 Uses One Piece Bracket
2012 Uses Welded T Bracket

Contact us for current 2013 pricing
2011/2012 IC Tank(Works On Both years, as far as I know)

*Current information says that the tapped holes are for M6mm x 16 screws, which I will include, but I will watch out for anybody that reports different threaded holes.

Postage for One tank is $10
Postage for a Set is $13

*contact us for latest combo pricing

I will update this post whenever I get new information

Thanks! ^^V

Special Thanks to those that have helped in the design process:
Scott Dale
Larry Goldman
Mike Peace

Frank Tulumello

Here is a video for the 2012 Specific PCV tank

(Video by Frank Tulumello)

*Updates June 11, 2012

 Postage for the larger flat rate box, for the pair of tanks is $13

IC tank nipples have been changed to 1/2" after discussing with a professional technician.

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