Sunday, November 11, 2012

University of Maine 2013 Capstone OCC Project

Hey everybody! Just posting up information about our participation along with other OCC suppliers in a project testing the performance of various OCC designs on a few different engine platforms. This project will be performed by the 2013 University of Maine Oil/Vapor Separator Team. LINK

Thanks to:
Forest Wentworth
Jonathan Bolduc
Matt Dolan
Dan Mackenzie

I'm excited to have a second party documenting test results and information. They will be trying out one of our latest Dual Chamber OCC with a top swirl pot for the Inlet.

Photos will be posted up shortly.

Believe me, I sent one of our best OCC models  ;D

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Unknown said...

Hey Mr. Saikou, I wanted to thank you again for sponsoring us. Check out our progress, we have been using your can to mock up our flow-bench concepts. Check out the 2013 OAVS Capstone YouTube Channel. There's a link on our site.

Thanks, Forest